Friday, April 17, 2009

The OCS ruling and what might happen in Alaska.

This has got to be a freaking lost cause day. As this week has not been much better.

After playing on HotAir on some good blog threads with both Allah and Ed and everyone else having a good time this Friday, when I got the news that the three Judges have closed the OCS drilling in Alaska. For now, and at no time will it be known if it will be reopen.

WHAT!?!??! Are they JOKING!?!?! WHY??????????? Do they not realize that this is one of the life’s blood of Alaska? Of other States as well? Tourism is going to be going down this year and these stupid judges decide to do this? Can’t they just leave things alone? Ugh! Other then these Alaskan fishermen (Commercial) who have over 90% of the harvesting on salmon and other fish or seafood products, can’t seem to understand that one day the EPA and environmentalists will be taking their lively hoods as well.
As Per ADN:
WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the Bush administration
didn't adequately study the environmental impact of expanding oil and gas
drilling off the Alaska coast, a finding that many of Alaska's leaders reacted
to with dismay.

So I decided to look into the ruling and who the people were.

MMS (Mineral Management Service) is the Dept. that is in charge of OCS, for the Dept of the Interior. Many people mix this Dept with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) which is also part of the Dept of the Interior. So how this started was an Alaska Environmental Studies Program in which the MMS was to begin and have a Environmental Impact Study concerning OCS items as well as coastal and marine environment. The only problem is, that the appeals court in Washington D.C. found MMS Leasing in violation. But they found it in violation of supposed non-effective EIS standards, per the Bush administration. I am not sure what they want, but an appeals court can't really say why, they can only say yes and move it up to the Supreme Court. or they can say no and have the lawyers try for another appeal.

Now this is what is interesting. I have read and keep reading how there are many Native Villages whom are suing the MMS. One would be Point Hope. This was the same Point Hope that slaughtered countless Caribou on the North Slope and now have some charged in those wanton killings. Please notice the baby Caribou, trying to suckle the dead Mother. Yeah... these people are just great for society! These are also some of the same people who want the Federal Government to give them "renewable energy" as they are on a tidal area and their homes are washing away to what they say is "Global Warming". You all can make up your own minds on how many Alaskans feel about this Village and it's residents right now.

I am waiting on a definitive concerning this. I have friends on the Industry up here as well as the government entities and i am going to be gleaning information off of them. But this is another downfall for Alaska... and it may possibly spread down south.

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