Saturday, April 18, 2009

OCS and Conocophillips... and the people who don't care

On too another thread concerning OCS.

Just arriving home, I went to KTUU and ADN for anymore updates on the OCS ruling. OilDrum doesn't seem to be showing much interest in this.

KTUU did a small story concerning the Economic Future of OCS and the State. The economist who did the interview is correct. But what KTUU nor the economics teacher didn't happen to mention was if the OCS drilling is totally and completely shut off Conocophillips will be closing down their offices, other then a Production office and moving back to Texas... as well as laying off quite a few people.

BP may also do start shutting down offices and possibly well if it gets nasty concerning BLM. The Federal Government is screwing not only these Oil Comps, who will leave this State, but Alaskans who work in the oil industry.

Exxon may not drill Pt Thomson due to being right next to the ANWR boarder.

You know what could happen:

The Federal Government may be sued again... but this time by a State Government. For bankrupting Alaska which had a lively hood that was thriving due to domestic oil, fishing and tourism... but due to the rising costs of everything could not afford to have more land taken by the BLM. The Commercial Fisherman were sued by the environmentalists for over processing fish. And Tourism slowed because it had become to expensive to come up here and view the Last Frontier... so the cruise ships left and in their wake the communities died. The Permanent Fund is gone as it was taken via the Legislature for community expenses throughout the State. And people left in droves.

Could you see that happening? I can.

I will talk about the OCS wells, Platforms and the danger of the ice and storms in the next thread.


  1. I'm sorry this comment is O-T, but I wasn't sure how else to reach you. The other day on Hot Air, you said:

    'A bb gun than can pop a liberal’s balloon?

    DarkCurrent on April 17, 2009 at 2:16 PM
    If only it would pop their head like a zit.'

    I guess I would call myself a liberal; does that mean you'd like to kill me? I really hope not.


  2. Laura, you obviously didn't read the whole thread concerning that blog at HotAir. You didn't get the jist, so it isn't my problem what you think or do not think about it.

    But also... something struck me funny as you wrote this. You left your email address? Why? I won't email you! So putting your email on my blog is at your own risk.

    I won't delete your comment. 1st ammendement rights and all.

  3. Wow. I am actually surprised by the tone of your response. In fact, I did read the ENTIRE thread, which took quite a while. And I didn't think your point was particularly germane to the overall discussion, more of the side conversation about guns, etc.. It just bothered me because I really hope people don't actually mean that they want to "pop" other people's heads, whether liberal or conservative; I really wish we could avoid threats of violence, even when we disagree. I pray for a more civil discourse in our nation, and I like to ask questions about it.

    If I could have found your email address, I would have just written you a private note. As it was, your comment linked to your blog, so I thought I would try that instead.

    I have nothing to fear by leaving my email address, and it makes me sad to think that I would need to. Why? What will happen to me?

    Thanks for your time.

  4. P.S. I forgot to explain that the only reason I left my email address was in case you wanted to respond off the thread (since my comment was off-topic).


  5. laura,

    if harm comes to you will you sit there and accept it? or will you fight back?

    think about it for a second.

    I have had people spit on me, hit me, smack me. People I have no clue why they have done it.... and they were supposedly peaceful yet I never laid a hand on them. You get tired of people who are like that... and eventually you fight back.

    That is where I am. Where will you be (seconds, minutes, days, months, years) when you finally say enough... and those people are supposedly on your side?

  6. I don't really think I have a side. I just try to treat everyone with kindness. I'm so sorry if people have treated you badly. I know we all face bad things in our lives.