Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stepping back

Sometimes you have to take a step back and assess the damage before you can go forward.

Right now it is interesting. The Volcano is still bellowing, especially when the USGS downgrades it. It makes me smile that even with all the new gadgets that the USGS have, they can't figure out that this is probably one of the times that the Mt. Redoubt is just going to spew for a while.

Also, Ted Stevens is being told that he is a free man due to shoddy evidence. I have said on other political blogs that this would happen, yet no one believed me it seems. The courts have released other men whom have had more evidence stacked against them then Ted Stevens had. It was inevitable that it would happen. Yet the pundits were adamant that Stevens would be put in jail. Guess they should have listened to the Alaskan telling them it wouldn't happen.

With that, it seems that Governor Palin, the Republican Party of Alaska, the Libertarian who ran against Stevens and Begich in the 2008 election and quite a few democrats who voted for Begich want a Special Election. Reason being would be extreme National Media bias. What a concept huh! Who would have thought that one up or guessed that might be the motive. Begich has said he won't step down, but there is a petition to get Begich to either step down or there will be a special election to take care of him altogether. The People of Alaska are not happy with him, and it isn't a mistake that they wish Begich out specially after voting for the Stimulus Package that Alaskans don't want. Other then the Dept of Transportation projects to create new jobs and to build new roads, the only thing Alaskans want is the education part of the Stimulus package, which won't create new jobs. Personally I don't want it. All it will do is hurt the People of Alaska more now with items and forums that will go on the way side after the money runs out as there will be no new teachers hired. But since Begich voted on this pork-o-roma bill that is nothing but a National drain on everything considered American, why would people still want him in there. 60 Days later and he has screwed himself without any one's help.

Interesting perspective on how things are going on up here. But what can you do with lies, deception and deceit? Build on it and move on from it? No, you have to break it away and start anew. Alaska is going to be in the Media spot light again.... and unfortunately sooner then later.

** Pic of Musk Ox in Reserve near Portage area **

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