Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friday in Alaska, isn't exactly good.

As the header says Alaska hasn't really had it share of luck on the Friday before Easter Sunday. The 1964 earthquake that devastated the State and rocked it to it's core, as well as the tsunamis that took out many different small fishing villages on the coast and literally swallowed Seward and Valdez.

KTUU did a good story on this dreaded day. But in 1964, March 27Th was Good Friday, not today April 10Th. The USGS has some interesting pictures and shows where the fault lines were and why it turned out to be one of the most Historic earthquakes to actually be recorded in American history.

If you have never been in a earthquake.... click here... and understand how Alaskans feel when one hits.

I am not old enough to have been in the 1964. But I have been in the Washington Feb. 28th, 2001 as the Nov. 3 2002 7.9 earthquake in Alaska. Honestly though, no one can ever be truly prepared for one.

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  1. The Fairbanks News Miner publishes a monthly Alaskan 'quake watch'...Amazing to see how many quakes Alaska have in a month (That are mostly un-noticed...being in un-populated ares and all).
    Last week's here was just a little 4.7 tremor...