Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Russia and the Arctic Takeover.

As I gather my information for the idea (which BTW is quietly spreading). I decided to go check drudge and saw this little goody.

Russia insists it won’t militarize the Arctic.

WHEW, what a relief that I am not going to become a Russian soon!

Yeah right, I wouldn’t doubt that there were probably 3 nuclear subs and a few drilling rigs around the Arctic Ocean right now 50 or so miles off the International line for America.

Something is a foot… and I am sure that there is more to come.

According to the newspaper The Kommersant, Russia is planning on making its
Arctic region the country’s main strategic base by 2016. And how does it
plan on doing this? By creating Arctic troops whose sole purpose will be
maintaining the security of Russia’s section of the Arctic Ocean.

Alaskans are just sitting back and watching. I wonder if any of them know how to make Vodka?

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