Monday, April 13, 2009

My View on why the American Dems hate Sarah Palin..

It isn't hard to understand that there are those who do not like Sarah. Why? I don't really know why, but I can tell you why some Alaskans can't stand her and their petty reasoning behind it.

When Sarah first took office, it was like a breath of fresh air. You could walk around and not have the lingering of the oppressive Murkowski agenda wavering in the wind due to the Oil and Gas tax meetings, as well as the fact the nasty attitude towards any and all constituents. The closed door meetings of all kinds were now open, and the fact that Sarah was at least opening up to the public and explaining the reasoning behind her agenda was nice. There were always those whom hated her, from the start. Hollis French would be one due to his friend, Berkowitz being over taken in an election landslide. But I wander....

The first thing Sarah did was start cutting the budget... and I do mean cut. She took money away from parks, the museum, resources that actually turned out not to do much of anything. That ticked off the hippie's from the start. How DARE she take from the parks and recreations of Alaska! All I could think of was why not use volunteers, to take charge of the areas. It works on roads, smaller parks and playgrounds and reduces the spending on tax payers who do not use all the areas due to difficult work schedules or unavailability of the area in general. But no, that is too much common sense.

The second item was for the legislature to also slash their budgets and to make sure that whatever they requested for that upcoming year be worth the money put into it. That was a blow to them, as they were use to big spending and being able to get almost everything their little hearts desired, even if it wasn't exactly for their district but to help a "Friends" district. So they tried to reach a compromise with Sarah giving her a list of items they were willing to give up. Well Sarah knew better and asked the Dept of Revenue to get a copy of all the legislatures requests and while using a yellow highlighter, took the trivial requests that the Legislators wanted. That made most of these Senators upset. Though many of them got over them, the rest have made a personal vendetta against her since this first slashing. Sarah also slashed all of the State of Alaska's budgets, down to the pens, paper and other office items. They are now all on a mandatory budget which is actually working.

Third, implementing the Ethics for all employees, including the Legislators themselves. WHOA! The Legislators have to be ethical! They even have to sign a disclosure and can NOT be a legislature if they are a lobbiest as well. That means, that anyone who is a Legislator and works as a lobbiest can not run, and must step down. They also had to do a financial disclosure like you wouldn't believe. It is called APOC and anyone who is not considered Administrative, must fill one out per the Regulations of their department or if you are or work for a Legislator. Pretty nice huh! This has never been in place..... and those who say it has don't know the whole story. So if this is expansion of Government, I have no problems with it.

But as to why they hate Sarah. Alaskans are odd... they are the type to tell you don't tell me how to do it. But they don't mind explaining stuff. Sarah hasn't taken away rights that I know of. Sarah has put into offices those that most of these individuals can't stand. That would be the main reason. The people put into a position of power are usually hated by the individuals that don't like Sarah. Monegan was one that many couldn't stand. He was supposedly a reformer who didn't reform. And when he quit due to his own screw up and blamed it on Sarah when Hollis French told him to do so, and all the while the people believed Monegan was fired. The News Agencies also didn't help around town.

The Media had quite a bit to do with Alaskans hating Sarah. They actually believed all the crap that was being said. I remember a few times how I would correct my friends on what was going on. They began to stop listening to the news and asking me what was going on if it concerned Sarah, as they know I wouldn't lie. Alaskans aren't gullible, but we never really paid attention to the lower 49 unless it was something big and tragic. So I don't blame many of them for not knowing that the Alaskans were pawns in their chess moves. They also hate Sarah for many other reasons, from assuming that the city or town they live in has something wrong with it because they do not totally understand Government structures. Forgive us Alaskans, as we aren't in the new.... until now, and many of us wish the lime light would go away.


  1. Perceptive grasp of the peculiar beast called 'Alaskan Politics'...Been an advocate for many years of moving our capital out of Juneau where legislators have an out-of-sight/out-of-mind attitude...No one to watch the foxes in the hen-house...UNTIL:Sarah Palin appeared
    -She's been throwing light into dark places ever since...and politicians here (as everywhere) don't like that....
    For better or worse,many Alaskans pay little attention to the crap going on in Juneau...To their great credit though,they're not sloshing down the media Kool-aid either (at least with my circle of family/friends)
    -Of course,living in the Mat-Su helps...Lots of conservative minds here...
    -Thanks for giving an Alaskan perspective of our great state and governor...

  2. You hit the nail on the head, upinak. Been reading you on Hot Air and noticed you're now on C4P. Always enjoy it, being from up Alaska my whole life as well and enjoy reading comments by other Alaskans with like minds. Most people I know think like I do up here in the Interior; which makes me wonder who other than Juneau and a good chunk of Anchorage make up that 35% who disapprove of our Governor and her performance? I am also all for moving the Capitol to Anchorage, or better yet Fairbanks, for many reasons.
    After Murkowski and Knowles and countless others, we finally have a governor that has stood up for most real Alaskans believe in. We all vote Republican, however, most of us are fairly conservative with a really strong Libertarian bent.
    Anyhoo, I digress...just wanted to say that I'm glad I found your blog now too. Added it to my bookmarks and look forward to reading it and future comments on my favorite sights.

  3. Hey, upinak! Great piece on Sarah Palin. I like getting a perspective from someone in the know about issues.

    I'll get in touch regarding the primers after I talk to hubby...he's mowing the yard at the moment and I don't want to disturb him. LOL

    Great blog, btw.