Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Palination! Come.. Join!

What is Palination?

Well it can be termed in many different fields and definitions.

1. Media: Palination is the underscoring of a Political figure, for which the Media can and will find any and all dirt, true or untrue, and bring it to the surface suffice rumors, speculations and lies to be based on nothing. It is the tangible entity of large Media to show the faults of a person who they deem unworthy in the political scheme of idealism.

2. Blog/Pundits: Palination is the putting down those who put a Political figure at the top of the list or those who raise the Political figure. And those who try to take it out at all cost;
a. Conservative Pundits: Try to show both sides of the coin. The good with the bad, as well as the indecisive and ridiculous fray. Occasionally they also show their emotions concerning political career and challenges as well as the frustration of the moment due to the “Media”. Others Pundits put down those who follow their ideals due to difference of opinion. And still there happens to be the Pedestal Pundit, but will not take criticism when needed.
b. Liberal Pundits: This is a two section target. One group will not allow anything concerning Common Sense in the fray and will start any dialogue to bring it down. Then there are those who believe the ideal of liberalism, but have common sense to go outside the box to find the real truth, yet not believe it.
c. Moderate Pundits: Is willing to watch, listen and make up their own opinion without actually getting into the discussion. Yet is swayed by the normal propaganda concerning what “They’ will get out of the Political Figure.

3. Radio: Palination can go both ways and in which these RadioPundits can steer their listeners to go on either side of the coin.

4. People: This is the worst group a most are “Moderates” and have their mind made up without checking the background of the story. Palination is usually due to the “Media” and occasionally “Pundits” who they find a different aspect but the same opinion.

How can Palination be a problem for the future? Many have their minds set for the outcome of the future. This is not as static, as many have found out the past week. Per speculation via “Media”, “Pundits” and “Radio” they have formed a new opinion. Most have flip flopped on issues and depression has set in. This has also formed a lash out aspect where they go after their own.

How can this be stopped: You will now need to be Anti-Palination. You will stop blaming, you will stop arguing with those who are supporters, you will back and support Political Figure that you admire, and you will educate the weak and help with raising the bar.

This is how it is done. This is the mission statement concerning attitude towards the future. We need for this to work!

Unless you want to keep dealing with Cap and Trade, Universal Healthcare…. And loss of energy via the loss of our rights and natural resources.

Only you know what you should do. I implore you to help…. As it starts with one, then two, then four, then eight and so on. What number will you be to be on the frontline?

I am only one. Would you join me in the line?


  1. Now we're three. I just helped my oldest daughter to get registered to vote.

  2. That makes six, counting my wife (who I forgot the first time - my bad).

  3. Sign me up Upi, my wife too.


  4. I stay so far from the US, but in Palin nation I don't think distance is a problem.

    Count me in.

  5. Count my wife Pam in too!

    "This woman is not a full of sh*t-nik"
    -From the 'Atlas Shrugged' blog