Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can we say looking for homes are a PITA!

Well I am in the market to look for a upgrade, of sorts, for a new home. I am in no hurry... which is one of the reasons why I am just checking the areas.

What am I looking for ... a larger house. The BF is staying for longer periods of time with our new pup. Mom has a bunch of stuff (being the pack rat she has always been) and I being the minimalist I am am starting to feel totally closed in.

I have a decent house.. but it is a tad small.. starter home type. It isn't bad actually, but with Mom being my loved pack rat..... I just don't know if I can take it anymore.

So with that said, I am starting the "Scanning". If you have ever bought a home everyone knows that is the first step. Keeping an eye out for prices and of course square footage. We have upgraded this house a bit but the area I am in sells quick and since the housing market here has settled down I think we will do well in selling this house. Now just hoping to get the "One".

Now, I have a question for anyone who has ever bought a new home (as that is one option), I would love any suggestions or just a good story on what you did.

I am also looking into Foreclosures. Anyone ever deal with any of those, I would appreciate any information on that.

If you are wondering... no, I am not going to buy a McMansion. Holy Geez!

I would rather go in with some information rather then blind and ignorant on new or forclosed houses.


  1. I haven't purchased a home in Alaska, so can't really speak to that. We put 30% down on a home in Missouri in the mid-1980s, and the bank was happy to lend us the rest. Different era.

    Good luck with the search.

  2. I believe if you buy a new home you get a $18,000 rebate. If you buy a home that's not new, you get a $8,000 rebate. Something to consider.
    I have a friend buying a short sale, (bank owned) the process seems to be much longer.