Thursday, July 2, 2009

TrooperGates own personal “Investigating Representative” is going for Governor of Alaska, huh. Hey "Gunny" French, do you really think you will win?

French is such a jerk. The man is seen in pictures with Obama signs behind him. Tried to mar Gov. Palin’s reputation due to a “in-family” problem with an investigation that he put himself as the lead. The supposed “October Surprise” that never came about. So, Hollis… is this your surprise? Can I say how BORING! Talk about a moment of DUH!

Now, I am not one to vote for someone who talks out both sides of his mouth. French can’t seem to stop this idiotic rhetoric on what he “thinks” should be done via his opinion of Alaska. FYI there Gunny, you don’t think what should be done, you go by what the voters want you to do. You have done well with voting down anything concerning the Permanent Fund and THAT is the only thing I will give you credit for. But as for other items, you sir, can’t seem to stop making yourself look a fool and getting in front of a Camera.

Let us look at the Barak Book, which is an online GOP site that shows those who campaigned for Obama. In plain site we ALL know that French campaigned for Obama WHILE being the lead for the investigation of TrooperGate. I would call this a conflict of interest as Sarah Palin did run for VPOTUS with McCain while this investigation was going on. Also, it has a few tidbits on French… and some interesting articles. But what I think WILL happen is the funneling of money into the possible Campaign via a POTUS whom isn’t doing anything for our Country right now.

Now let’s talk about your Service in the Marines even though all you did was ROTC. Per your Bio on Project, Private, United States Marine Corps Reserve Platoon Leaders Course, 1977-1978. You were “dismissed”. You didn’t pass… yet you still put it on your Bio? HELLO! You don’t put something like that in your freaking resume or Bio! Someone who actually served, and I hope it be a Marine… should smack you into next week. You, GUNNY, are NOT a Marine until you get your Globe and Anchor! So Gunny French… what do you have to say for yourself? You were in College while doing this… all I can say is how pathetic.
So Gunny, what will you do about being a jerk in Alaska. Aren't you the one who also said you would work with Republicans? Hmmmm... talking out both sides is seriously an issue with you. You are being watched French. And make sure those at keep you back! You know... your "Friends". Watch your back... Gunny!


  1. You should learn to quit holding back, and tell us how you REALLY feel! Srsly, I didn't know about the 'padding-the-resume' thing.

    I don't think this guy should be allowed anywhere near the Governor's chair, IMHO.

  2. Limit's my dear man... Term Limits. It is sooo time.

  3. Between peewee and gunny, we may have to hold nightly meetings to keep them on their toes!

    We can hope the folks in Alaska have long memories and vote with good conscience, each and every time.