Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time for Term Limits for elected State of Alaska Officials. Who is with me?

What does everyone think of Term limits for State elected officials?

Are you for it or against it? Would you think it be better then having to deal with the same old talking points per Senator or Legislator or would you rather Alaska start having a fresh idea once in a while?

Two terms or Three? Would it be more of a headache or would it be worth while?

Why do I ask? It has come time to get the RINOS, the LIBERALS and those who are not effective at all in any sense of the word, out of office and move some “fresh” blood in.

Can this be done? Yes… with petitions into a referendum to appear on a Ballot.

I want some feedback. Would it really worth the while for Alaska or would it be a hindrance? This can work both ways for all parties.

Who is with me?
Here is a Poll... :) please vote.


  1. It absolutely would be worth it.

    I would suggest 2 terms, with 1 term before running again.

    One problem is that if we get a great person in, and the only option once their time is up is someone we just can't live with, we'd be stuck.

    The deal at the national level, both Stevens and Young had/have been in office so long. They knew where the skeletons lay and had a key to that secret closet. Murkowski has done nothing to blast her for except that she has done nothing of consequence.

    Begich is a total toady, but perhaps he will only last one term (fingers crossed!).

    There are some good folks in our legislature especially since many not good ones were voted out of office the last time around (thinking meanie Greenie).

    It would surely be worth exploring on a state-wide poll.

  2. I'm with Piney. Allowing two terms, then having to sit out the next dance before coming back sounds like a good idea. The candidates may not like it, but it's best for We the People.

  3. A further thought: perhaps only one term, after which the citizen-politician must return home, find a job, and live under the laws that he or she passed while in office. No pensions, golden parachutes, gold-standard health care, or any other perks.

    Boot 'em all out, good or bad, with the knowledge that they must all go home and face the people whose lives they either improved - or made worse - by what they did.

  4. That's been my wife and my political 'mantra' for years...2 terms...PERIOD!...Once politicians get elected,they're like termites...Nearly impossible to get rid of...