Friday, July 17, 2009

New Palination blog is now up and running

For those who were wondering. It is up and running.

It is a slow start but we (yes a collect of many people) will have it running smoothly and without incident (keeping fingers crossed) on Sarah Palin's road to where ever it may lead.

Remember..... we are normal citizens standing WITH Sarah Palin. We do not try to specualte on where she is going, we will always try to keep it positive and it is for people who want a normal approach, not what the Media, PolitcalPundits and Talk Radio want you to believe.

Thanks... :)


  1. upinak there's another Palination blog and they are asking for donations to offer Sarah $1M to pose nude. u seen it?

  2. moon, yes I have seen that. it is NOT me.

    Notice it is also a .org site (non or not for profit) supposedly. But I think it is 1. a fake site and 2. the guy is duping the stupid people for money... and some people actually took the bait.

    Be careful with it. I hope our new blog will be on top and kick it out of the roll soon.

  3. Upinak---I think you have said several times that Elise Patkotak is part Alaska Native. She is not, she was married to a Native man and kept his name when they divorced.