Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Luck Sarah Palin.... don't forget to Tweet!

Talk about a seriously wild start of the week.

Yes, Sarah Palin is stepping down, Sean Parnell is taking the lead… and yet the Lower 48 is going crazy. I won’t even put Hawaii in this mix. What floors me isn’t the fact of what people are saying. Some are mad. Okay I can understand that. Some say it is ruining her political career. How so is what I would like to know? Some are just tired of Sarah Palin… which I say, blame the liberal media and the BS they fling.

How is this Sarah’s fault? We have a bunch of no life Alaskan people who think this is fun and keep filing ethic complaints against her, even as she is about to leave office. It is repugnant and pathetic and I hope she sues them.

But even then, why is everyone in a tizzy concerning Sarah stepping down. She has accomplished everything she promised to the Alaskans. Every last detail to the ‘T’. So why is there a need to freak out? Alaskans that I know are not freaking out. They may be scratching their heads, or shaking their heads. But there has been no lack of support even with Sarah stepping down.

I am waiting on what is the next step she feels the need to take. Where is she going? Will it take days, weeks or months to establish it? While she is on this road, where is Alaska in this mix? How about the United States.. as the speculators are showing their political sides on the next advantage.

But as my questions will eventually be answered, so I am not totally worried about it. I do wonder on what it is going to take for those supporters of Sarah to sit back and enjoy the “ride”? Sometimes it takes something to stir up the pot. And Sarah has done that… in spades.

Good Luck Sarah! Don't forget to Tweet!


  1. A wild ride, indeed. The libs are literally foaming at the mouth - it's hysterical to watch them barking and howling, even at each other as they fume. They're scared to death of her - they're angry because she didn't say what's next ... too bad, libs - attack someone else for a few days. Sarah will be back!

  2. I wonder what will happen to AGIA, if Parnell is strong enough to get it pushed on through?

    You know? All the 'talking heads' have developed a leak. There is a loud sound of "SSSSssssSSSSSSsssssssssss" whenever they open their mouths! Not one word falls out that is sensical (hmmm is that a word?).

    Rev. Paul, on this wild ride, can we stop for an ice cream cone? *Just askin*

  3. Ooooh, ice cream! Yes yes - again, again!

  4. She has accomplished everything she promised to the Alaskans. Every last detail to the ‘T’.

    exactly what im thinking this past 3 days. and btw good job on smacking down those people in HA