Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palination.... and the upcoming storm.

So, just because I support Palin.. means I am a Palin Bot, Palinista or something of a cult member. Interesting.. but I do think for myself.

Palination is not a cult. It is a group of citizens from across the globe watching the fray of the "Media, Pundits and others" bring down a person due to their character. Why is this acceptable? And why should anyone even try to bring someone good down, when there are many who are not even close? What does it take to get those out who aren't at least observing the laws? And why should we, or anyone for that matter, who uphold the law let those take us down to their level?

If you are noticing that as the Group spreads, it is getting more and more hate put upon it.

I have recently received a few tweets and emails on how I am such a BAD person for supporting Palin. I wonder if these people ever supported anything other then themselves in their lifetime.

Palination is going strong and a blog will be up by the 27th of July.

I say we wait and watch the storm brew.

You all know how to get a hold of me...


  1. Hang in there, soldier! The point man always takes the first hits - and gets the greatest glory.

    Well done! Carry on.

  2. ditto what Rev. Paul said. My brain is in shutdown at the moment :)

  3. Interesting.

    Notice I have a new "stalker" that actually added himself to my blog.

    Dead I am sure knows Parnell... but seems to forget that I know quite a few people in the State as well. I do hope he realizes that there are laws in Alaska concerning people like this... and the can go somewhere that they either could be "dead" usually disgraced.. and obviously in jail.

    Let see what the troll does!

  4. BTW.. Pride and I don't agree on everything. But he does seem to "find" dirt on quite a few.

    Scared ddj?

  5. Uppy-

    At least DDJ still has his "beautiful wife in the next room." to comfort him.
    (Isn't that right 'Dead Guy'?)


    I'm not sure I like the idea of the fundraising if its just to get nude photos of Sarah Palin posted online. But I can never figure you GOP folks out. Good luck with your endeavor.