Friday, July 10, 2009

Palination of Specualtion and Analogies concerning Sarah Palin need to stop.

Speculation runs rampant. Not with just liberals, but with conservatives as well. It is easy to do, but it needs to cool down due to the overwhelming issue of "rumors" that could be a killer.

Alaskans are uneasy with the transition of opinion. This doesn’t mean they do not support the Governor in her endeavors, as per many a response via ADN. I means that we are concerned about the “Media” that has seemed to come up out of the blue again. Parachuting into Alaska for the second time in less then a year, is weighing heavy on many of us who are use to being alone and not have a National spot light.

When I say the transition of opinion, I am talking about the first wave of anger turned to frustration. It has hit most in a way that was not surprising. But then these people who were “shocked” seem to try to analyze the one thing they shouldn’t be doing. Trying to figure out where Sarah Palin’s road is going. No one expected her to resign, even though there were obvious hints that 85% didn’t pick up in any interviews.

Then there are the analogies of who she is like, such as equating her life with Roosevelt or Tiger Woods. That is one of the worst things that can be done with this woman. First, Roosevelt took land from States and made them “National” which his reasoning was to protect the beauty and to conserve. Now that we have more Federal land in which we can do nothing with (ANWR comes to mind), it makes Sarah Palin look as though she may take something away from the people, which could be more harmful then not putting her under the guise of Roosevelt. Of course the Tiger Woods analogy comes up quite a bit. But what everyone seems to forget on that is that he wasn’t born a natural. He was trained since he was extremely young and became the professional now due to that upbringing.

Sarah Palin has had to work for everything she has ever done. This is not saying that Roosevelt or Woods haven’t. But Roosevelt was a different era and Woods being trained from the start isn’t how Sarah was raised and the era of fundamental rule to conserve and reap what you sow is gone, and has been for decades.

Sarah Palin, raised on family values, hard work ethics (such as having to garden and hunt and fish for food and knowing a job can not provide all), having good Christian values for moral stability throughout her life. These are what many in the United States understand and hope to base their lives on. As some State are not set up the way Alaska is, it is even more profound that an Alaskan Myth of Living has been circulated around, it gives more respect to those who live up here and do understand what Sarah has had to do with her Family through out her lifetime.

As part of the Palination, I ask you to help. We need to not totally stop the speculations and analogies, but to have those who continually start them to calm down and see that it could hurt her later down the road. Let Sarah be Sarah. Tell them to watch for the next few months on the progress of what could happen. And of course try to be civil about it, even though we all know that liberals and conservatives are passionate about Sarah in any degree.

Remember, as the “Media” goes on, we are here to make things right. Not to keep the flames up and start a forest fire of rumors.

Does this sound like a plan for you?


  1. It's scary that you and the Daily Noise agree on this point ... but you're both right. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  2. Waiting and watching is good.

    Using reason is going to be the difficulty.

    btw, a forest fire is not all bad, it allows for new growth. However, a rumor-fed fire will cook someone's goose and cause massive heartburn.

    Governor Paln told everyone what she intends to do. That is all she knows. Speculation is not productive.

  3. I agree. I don't mind some speculation and analogies but sometimes it does go over board.

    I know the waiting is hard for some people who want to know right now what Sarah plans to do in the future. As she mentioned in her speech last week, she had prayed about this decision to resign for awhile so she is not going to jump in fast but to pray about it and she will let us know at the right time.

  4. Some definitions of 'Speculate':
    "to believe;especially on uncertain & tentative grounds;to guess" (According to Websters)

    Speculation is also a waste of energy and valuable time.

    Speculation,rumors and the "What Sarah should do" comments stop here at the 'Palination'
    I.E.:"We support her in ANYTHING she does...No matter what."

    Leave speculation to the 'chattering classes'...