Thursday, July 9, 2009

Palination and Jay Ramras.... let's email!

If you are keeping track… we are now a “Crowd” not yet a conservative mob, even if you are from another Country.

We have a problem. There are a few people whom do not get the ideals of the Palination. They are continuing the put downs of a good person. I say we email them!

First candidate: Jay Ramras, whom works in the House of Representatives here in Alaska, who is suppose to be working for the People of Fairbanks Alaska. I don’t see him working for the People, he is spouting off at the mouth concerning a Governor who obviously cares more for this State then Jay Ramras does.

His Email:

This Man has more dirt on him then our State’s Political Representative, Sarah Palin, has ethics complaints. Maybe we should remind him that we are watching him.

How say those Palinationists? Should we email this wonton man?

If you would like to be part of the Palination crowd. You don’t have to join a group. Just say that you will defend Sarah Palin in anything she would like… as you would defend a friend on their road of life. That is it. You just need to educate the uneducated and right the wrongs of individuals. That is all that is asked.

So, now you understand the motto. And you know that Ramras is a hater of our Friend Sarah. Please email him… he needs a talking too.


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  2. Hey, CATCH A FREAKIN CLUE!! Try knowing about Alaska and Alaskans in THIS LIFE!!!!
    Jay Ramras was born in Alaska and has served Alaska honorably. 17 ethics complaints filed by Alaskans is something that will follow the goddess Sarahpieceofcrap forever. Being competent, ethical and honorable not so much...Go to hell, you'll be sure in find Sarah 'whack job' 'lame duck' 'half baked' Palin there waiting for

  3. OH LOOK.. I have someone from NailinPalin commenting on MY SITE! LOL, isn't this the one who has a "Porn" site?

    WOO HOO... hey Syrin. I have something to tell you.. Life LONG Alaska (aka read bio) so I have been here since I was a little kid. I know.. impossible! Yet true.... wanna take a bet on how long I have been here?

    Are you scared Syrin? You should be... you are next. *VEG*

  4. My, my. Still out of step with the electorate, Ms. Green, er, Syren?

  5. Rev. Paul...

    Are you trying to tell me that Syrin is Lyda Green, or something?

  6. Oh, Angela! Should we ask the reporter of 'rumors' if it is? I'm sure Shannyn will just jump right on the story :)

  7. Well, you know, the rumor's out there; I'm just repeating it ...

    (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more)

  8. I just listened to the pompous twit on Eddie Burke.

    I heard something that made my dentures hit the floor.... "It's all about the rule of law, Eddie. We have to follow the rule of law!"

    *say what??*

    This from the guy who didn't recuse himself from votes because of his stock holdings?

    Rule of law my Aunt Sally's spit!

  9. Piney he was on Eddie? I missed it?

  10. I have a feeling we didn't miss that much. Just sayin'.

  11. hey, i'm annelauren on twitter. i've seen you around C4P. i'll unadd you..sorry!

  12. ann.. I don't usually let people follow who are blocked. BAD ANN BAD... you are now being followed!

  13. blocked? my acct is on private, that's it.

  14. Ann I tried to readd you and no luck. If you want to readd me, go for it. Sorry.. if you haven't noticed I have a few.. "problem" children following me.

  15. NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm no problem, except to my better half!