Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missouri Senator having a panel on 8(a) Native Corps... maybe we should call?

McCaskill is at it again. For a reminder you may want to click on this. But for a quickie.. McCaskill is the MO Senator looking into the 8(a) (aka Native Corps) due to a bill that was passed by Stevens years ago that the Alaskan 8(a) could receive more Federal Government contracts above the 5 million dollar mark. But only Alaska Native Corps were allowed this. The Native Corps are now joing a coalition called the Native 8 (a) Works.

Now why is this funny? McCaskill wants this to stop and is actually going to be doing a Senate panel concerning it on Thursday.

I would keep an eye on this twit. The only reason I say is that you can get a Federal Loan if you are “considered” a minority and have a 8(a) business. How is that? An 8(a) was for those who couldn’t get a loan via the regular banks due to discrimination, or lack of funds in accounts even if it was a good idea. You could be 65 a black woman and show the Federal Government your idea and possibly get a loan and a contract concerning it.

McCaskill is an idiot and she isn’t just hurting Alaska Natives, she will be hurting all who have a 8(a) status.

If you would like to get a hold of this woman:


  1. I'm originally from Missouri - and you've nailed it: Claire McCaskill is an idiot. Always has been.

    Calling her won't do any good, IMHO - she's trying to position herself for reelection next year. The percentage of Native Americans in Missouri is tiny, and I guess she's thrown them under the bus to keep her seat on the Hill.

    She was a barking moonbat years ago, when she first served in the Missouri state gov, and doesn't seem to have changed.

  2. These are the things that make me bald!

    Why don't all this twits go sit in the bathroom and contemplate their navel instead of dreaming up ways to 'look good'.

  3. Piney, that would be a rational decision. Unfortunately, they're not known for that.

  4. 8a program is an SBA designation for bidding on government contracts and has nothing to do with loans. The 8a businesses are minority businesses and in most cases can stay in the program for only about nine years when they have to graduate and are not considered for future 8a set aside contracts.

    The SBA has a 7a loan program for businesses who have trouble obtaining loans from a bank and need the govn't guarantee. You do not have to be a minority to obtain an SBA guaranteed loan.